At Mainstream we are easily contactable and highly automated. This enables us to serve our clients with efficiency and professionalism whilst managing a personal touch.

As a result of our undivided attention, combined with expert standards of duty and care, our clients can look forward with confidence to working with our efficient, effective and reliable company to create and manage funds and other investment vehicles.

We have the network and strategic partnerships in place to provide our services across a wide range of domiciles including; Ireland, Cyprus, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Bermuda, BVI, Malta and the Channel Islands.

We provide the following services which can be offered as either bundled or unbundled:

  • Incorporation & Setup
  • Administration & Accounting
  • Corporate Services
  • Investor Services
  • Risk Management, Investment Analytics and other Middle Office services
  • Provision of Specialised Managed Accounts Services and Reporting

Mainstream coordinates and monitors all operational procedures, communication flows and information exchanges, making sure the fund is ready for the first day of trading.

We project-manage the entire setup process and act as a central point of contact for all parties: legal counsel, brokers, investment manager, listing agents (where applicable), custodians, directors, registered office.

Our full project-management service for start-up funds includes:

  • Reviewing draft documentation produced by Legal Counsel to assist in brining the documentation to a final format that can be presented to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • Providing introductions to a number of key service providers including auditors, bankers and directors where required, enabling the Client to leverage our longstanding industry relationships with a view to obtaining more favourable quotes in terms of fees.
  • Assist with the completion of account opening forms with the Bankers
  • Mainstream works with international law firms across all our domiciles including Ireland, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, BVI, Bahamas, the Channel Islands (see Business Partners).

For a more detailed outline of the incorporation process follow this link to our Case Study page.

"Flawless initial setup, professional"

Mainstream focuses on achieving operational excellence, transparency and flexibility through seamless integration of interfaces with brokers and vendors, and highly qualified personnel dedicated to providing service of the highest standard to our valued clients.

  • Transaction capture, reconciliation and independent portfolio accounting
  • Electronic interface with all major prime brokers
  • Calculation of the net asset value at the required frequency (Daily, Monthly, Quarterly)
  • Miscellaneous management information reporting
  • Arranging for payment and discharge of all expenses and liabilities of the fund
  • Calculation of incentive fee and performance fee methodologies and all accounting associated there with including equalisation
  • Maintenance of the financial books and records of the fund and preparation of financial reports as necessary
  • General ledger fee accounting/support specific international accounting approaches
  • Liaison as necessary with all parties involved with the fund's activities on an on-going basis, including investment advisors, managers, brokers, bankers, custodians, sub-custodians, legal counsel, shareholders, marketers, regulatory bodies

"We like the way we interact directly with Mainstream's employees without a one single point of contact person, which gives greater flexibility and responsiveness"

Mainstream provides corporate secretarial services and registered office services for Ireland and Cayman Island domiciled funds.

Mainstream upholds the belief that the role of the Corporate Secretary is to support the Board of Directors and assist them in meeting their responsibilities.

  • Maintenance of statutory books in accordance with local Company law.
  • Liaison with local authorities and service providers to facilitate good corporate governance.
  • Convening of General meetings and Board meetings.
  • Preparation and circulation of written resolutions of the directors and shareholders.
  • Co-ordination of the documentation process for launches and reorganisations.
  • Completion of bank mandates and account documents.
  • Provision of registered office facilities in Cayman and Ireland.
  • Dedicated personnel who are active participants in industry bodies such as AIMA and the ACOI to ensure we keep abreast with industry best practise.

"Excellent industry knowledge and professional service."

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Investor services is one of the most important services which Mainstream provides to our clients. It is an area in which our clients rate us most highly due to our accurate, timely information.

Our registration and transfer agency services include the following, and are also provided as a stand-alone service:

  • Issuance, transfer switch and redemption of shares on each dealing day on a per-share and fund-wide basis.
  • Maintenance of the Shareholder Registers.
  • On-line access 24/7 of shareholders transactions, current holdings, fund performance.
  • Customised bespoke reporting available.
  • Equalisation ("EQ") record keeping and reporting covering various EQ methodologies.
  • All initial and on-going communication with shareholders.
  • Maintenance of shareholder documentation to ensure compliance with all relevant regulatory bodies and make certain that all statutory requirements are met in respect of anti-money laundering procedures and document retention requirements.

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Our enhanced platform service produces daily, monthly and quarterly NAVs

  • Daily transaction capture
  • Daily reconciliation and maintenance of bank and broker accounts
  • Providing financial accounting and a variety off other bespoke reporting



  • Cash & Position monitoring
  • Trade Break Resolution
  • Daily P&L Reporting
  • Risk Analytics & Investment Restriction Compliance Monitoring



  • Cash & Position monitoring
  • Trade Break Resolution
  • Daily P&L Reporting
  • Risk Analytics & Investment Restriction Compliance Monitoring



We provide simple, full service solutions to assist managers with the filings and the reporting requirements in relation to:

  • Dodd-Frank e.g. Form PF
  • AIFMD e.g. ESMA Forms
  • SEC/CFTC Registration