Mainstream is committed to state-of the-art information systems architecture, with a view to maximising automation and improving business processing needs.

We pride ourselves on our "best of breed" approach to our software selection to match our clients' I.T. requirements, in order to provide a customised, scalable solution.

We know that today's fund managers trade in a variety of manners , employing a diverse range of proprietary and industry recognised third party software applications. To compliment these trading methods administrators must manage a central platform with sound operational capabilities that can interface with numerous counterparty systems.

ACE centralises input and retrieval of data under a fully TFA controlled process which allows Mainstream to directly monitor processes. This is intended to help administration staff to identify issues with funds at the earliest possible opportunity, thus alleviating the effects of any breaches and allowing remedial action to be taken at the earliest possible time.

The ACE system electronically unites Mainstream with prime brokers, custodians and data repositories and other counterparties, enabling Mainstream to create a straight through processing environment with scalability.

Mainstream can provide a totally in-house managed data delivery system from broker data capture on our internally hosted website which can be processed automatically through the ACE system and publishes back analysis reports to the website.

In order to streamline our internal transaction processing, such as trades, positions and non-trading activity TFA has implemented a rule based and workflow driven data acquisition system. Data is seamlessly and securely transferred from brokers, managers depositories and trading platforms to our internal applications for manipulation, validation, reconciliation and processing.

This system facilitates an open architecture network, where no legacy system exists and allows Mainstream to implement new, higher quality software systems with ease.

Mainstream clients can define their own reporting requirements and Mainstream integrates disparate systems seamlessly, enabling clients to interface with their desired financial counterparty and use their chosen trading software.

The ACE system electronically unites Mainstream with prime brokers, custodians , data repositories and other counterparties, enabling Mainstream to create a straight through processing environment with scalability.

Mainstream uses a combination of rule and class based parsing processes to efficiently and accurately process supplied data. This enables the use of modular programming techniques to reuse previously developed components when new funds come online.

We have also created re-useable SQL stored procedures to enhance the speed and scalability of the data processing system. This coupled with new processes where we supply clients with template input data files has greatly increased the efficiency of bringing new funds online.

  • Automated trade allocation and reconciliation
  • Automated data retrieval from internal and external sources
  • Processing single data files using multiple pricing sources

This has greatly reduced the need to manually alter data post import leading to greater accuracy, faster processing times and the ability to process much higher volumes of data in increasingly shorter periods of time.

All work is completed by a Fund Accountant and then checked by the Supervisor (Maker-Checker principle). There is a third overall review by the operations manager before final release and publication.

Trading is processed and posted daily. Mainstream has multiple "Point to Point" electronic connections with brokers and other counterparties via which we upload trade files (e.g. FTP) on a daily basis into our trade and portfolio software. Variances are checked and resolved immediately. Accounting journals and reports are automatically created from these electronic inputs.

All bank, custodian and broker statements are reconciled daily. The portfolio and any open positions are valued using an independent pricing source. All expenses and accruals are posted e.g. Directors fees, Auditors fees, Investment Management fees, and Administration fees.

Mainstream's NAV production module is continually enhanced to incorporate the ever-changing functionality requirements and security enhancements needed by asset managers today.

Security is improved by replacing old data table based architecture with a new class based structure which allows only single-point database entry and offers tighter controls on which users can access, insert and update functionality while direct publication from the internal systems to the external client website in real time allows instant feedback to clients on a secure platform.

Mainstream has created its own new internally developed client site. Utilising ASP.NET 2.0, AJAX, CSS and Flash, this site links into a new secure client front end which displays real time reports and information generated by the ACE system to fund managers, its business partners and their investors.

The hosting of this site is now entirely internal which gives Mainstream the ability to securely provide live data feedback on the site while maintaining the same level of security provided by off site hosting.

This is done by providing uni-directional data pipe access through the Mainstream firewall to our live back-end databases saving Mainstream from storing any data on a hosting server and adding to the security of the site.

By effectively combining in-house development and hosting with the functionality and flexibility afforded us by Microsoft SharePoint development and customisation, we have been able to increase the volume and breadth of data which is processed on a daily basis by the Company, while also increasing the speed at which that processing happens

This gives us a significant advantage over other service providers in our space who are unable to provide the same level of service and customisation.

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